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How to identify/create computer groups that are in different Virtualization technologies

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Here’s a cool tip at “How to create a computer group for VMware servers or Hyper-V servers“.

Hyper-V Server Group
This process was very simple for the Hyper-V servers, as there is an existing attribute (Virtual Machine) that indicates if the server is virtual in Hyper-V. The steps to create this group from the Operations Manager console: Navigate to the Authoring space -> Groups, right-click and create a new group. We named ours Hyper-V virtual, and when we specified the dynamic members we defined them to where Windows Computer / Virtual Machine equals True.
VMware Server Group
For VMware, we needed to create an attribute that would identify systems virtualized with VMware, and then use the attribute to populate the group membership. From the Operations Manager console -> Authoring space –> Management Pack Objects –> Attributes, we right-clicked and created a new attribute. We labeled the attribute as VMware tools, provided a description, defined it to a target of Windows Computer (which set it to Windows Computer_Extended) based upon a registry key, and stored it in a custom MP (not the default MP shown in the screenshot below).

Read more at “How to create a computer group for VMware servers or Hyper-V servers


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March 22, 2010 at 11:11 PM

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