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SCVMM Error 2912 when a Virtual Machine Manager 2008 operation fails due to a certificate issue: Element not found (0x80070490)

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According with Virtual Machine Manager Team Blog:
This is an issue that we originally talked about a while back but we’re still seeing some cases come in so I thought it would be worth another mention just in case.
When using System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to perform any action involving file transfers across machines such as new VM or new P2V the operation may fail with the following error message:

Error (2912)
An internal error has occurred trying to contact an agent on the %serverName%.
(Element not found (0x80070490))

Recommendation Action
Ensure that the agent is installed and running. Ensure the WS-Management service is installed and running, then restart the agent.
0x80070490 = Element not found = Certificate not found

This issue is caused by a problem with the Host certificate (incorrect name, IP instead of FQDN or NetBIOS) or the certificate is missing from the VMM server.
The solution is to remove the managed host from the VMM server and also delete any residual certificates from the host on the VMM server, and then re-add the host:
On the SCVMM server, remove the managed host from the console. The steps on how to remove a managed host are outlined in this TechNet article

Now we need to locate and delete any certificates for the Host computer.
Open the Certificate console on the SCVMM server.
a. Open a new mmc and add the certificates snap-in.
b. Select the option of ‘computer account’ and ‘local computer’.
c. Select Finish and Ok to load the snap-in.
The certificates for the Host computer can be in any of the following locations.
a. Personal Certificates.
b. Trusted People (if the host is W2K8).
c. Trusted Root Authorities (If the host is W2K3).
In each store, expand the Friendly Name field and locate the certificate[s] for the Host server that have a Friendly Name starting with ‘SCVMM_CERTIFICATE_KEY_CONTAINER‘ followed by either the FQDN / IP address / NetBIOS name of the Host server and delete them.
Re-add the host in SCVMM which recreates the certificates as needed.
More Information:

SCVMM uses BITS to transfer payload between SCVMM managed computers. These data transfers are encrypted by using a self-signed certificate generated at the time a host machine is added to VMM. If these certificates are missing or corrupted from the VMM server or managed computers, the payload deployment job can fail. Deleting the certificates and re-adding the host will cause the certificates to regenerate.

This same information is documented in our Knowledge base KB971264



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