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How to move the SCVMM database to another server

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Mike Briggs posted an article about the process of moving the SCVMM database from one server to another different server.

Aperantly there’re 2 methods to do this:

There are two methods to accomplish the task of backing up and moving the SQL database.  You can use either SQL Server Management Studio or the built in scvmmrecover.exe tool built into SCVMM.

1- Using SQL Server Management Studio
How to move SCVMM database to another server (local to remote SQL)
1.     Take a backup of the existing VMM DB
2.     Uninstall VMM with the Retain Data option
3.     On the remote SQL server, import VMM db
4.     Install VMM pointing at the new SQL server and using the imported VMM db
5.     If any managed host has the status of Access Denied, right click and select Reassociate

2- Using the scvmmrecover.exe tool
The scvmmrecover.exe tool is discussed in great detail at the following TechNet article

More Information
How to: Attach a Database (SQL Server Management Studio)
How to: Attach a Database File to SQL Server Express
SCVMM R2 operations Guide


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February 1, 2010 at 9:57 PM

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