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SCOM Agent requirements and firewall ports…

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From time to time I find myself in scenarios where I do not remember of all requirements that are needed to install a certain piece of software. This happens because each new product has new requirements. The new software is not the issue, the issue is that we’re seeing lots and lots of new software coming and going and reviewed all the time, those changes come with new requirements, and those new requirements for of the Product yyy.y are not equal to previous versions of the same product. Multiply this by the number of different existing software versions within your company computers and this may become messy after a while…

So, what can we do? Bog it…
For this post I’ll note (for me and for yourself) the Firewall ports that are needed by OpsMgr Agent Push process. Additionally I’ll also  post some useful links that may clarify some doubts when doing agent deployment using System Center Operations Manager.
The following table lists the OpsMgr Agent push requirements for Firewall Ports:

Name Port Number Protocol
RPC endpoint mapper 135 TCP/UDP
RPC/DCOM High ports (Win 2K/2K3 OS) 1024-5000 TCP/UDP
RPC/DCOM High ports (Win 2K8) 49152-65535 TCP/UDP
NetBIOS name service 137 TCP/UDP
NetBIOS session service 139 TCP/UDP
SMB over IP 445 TCP
MOM Channel 5723 TCP/UDP

Useful Links
Operations Manager 2007 R2 Supported Configurations
Deploying Agents in Operations Manager 2007

How does Computer Discovery Work in OpsMgr 2007
OpsMgr 2007 Agent troubleshooting

Have Fun!!! 🙂

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January 4, 2010 at 4:41 PM

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